Barrie Wells

Chairman & Founder

"I vividly recall Barrie talking to me back in 2008 before setting off on his sporting adventure. I'm so delighted to see what a fantastic job he is doing at so many different levels ... elite funding, Athletes 4 Schools and now Box 4 Kids, which are all coming to highly successful fruitions. I can't wait to see where his wonderful journey finishes up!"

Sue Campbell, Chairman of UK Sport

"A major part of any athlete's success is the pulling together of the many different strands which on their own may only be marginal but when combined can make all the difference between winning and losing. The financial support Barrie provides is uniquely tailored to the very different needs of each athlete and I am convinced that this could make a difference to our 2012 medal results. In return for Barrie's support it is great to see his athletes giving up their time to work with young people on the Wells Sports Foundation's behalf."

Brendan Foster, Former athlete, BBC commentator & Founder of Great North Run

"My relationship with Barrie is really great. In the time I have known him, his influence has been absolutely fantastic. He's funded vital warm weather trips that my lottery funding does not make available, enabling my coach and personal physio to come along too which has really helped me prepare for the outdoor season. Barrie has really tough rules on who he supports so that's given me a massive confidence boost to know that I make his hit list."

Jenny Meadows, World Bronze Medallist & WSF Athlete

"We at Liverpool FC Community Department are really pleased to work with Barrie at the Wells Sports Foundation. Many of our young fans that are seriously ill or who would not normally have had an opportunity to attend a game had a wonderful and memorable match day experience in Barrie's box. The children, young people and their families enjoyed great food, really good company and a chance to see their hero's play in a first class environment that is comfortable and safe. Thank you, Barrie, God bless you."

Bill Bygroves, Head of LFC Community Department

"Barrie has helped me in a number of different ways. There's obviously his financial support which goes to much needed physio, nutrition and equipment but he's also set up sessions with a psychologist to help increase my focus and arranged a special one to one with Patrick Miley, Hannah Miley's coach, to help improve technical aspects of my swimming which has been invaluable. He has flown far and wide to see me compete too. I actually think he's my good luck charm because every time he's come and watched me, I've done well."

Freyja Prentice, World Jnr Gold Medallist & WSF Athlete

"I've been working with Barrie for over a year now. He's very knowledgeable in my event which always helps. The first time we spoke I think I was on the phone to him for over an hour talking technical aspects of hurdling and usually with people who are interested in you they tend not to know too much, just that you train a lot, so it was very refreshing having someone who was so aware of what I go through on a day to day basis. He's got quite a pedigree of athletes under his wing now and what he's doing through the Foundation is great for the next generation."

Dai Greene, World Champion & WSF Athlete

"I was delighted to have been invited to accompany some of our children and young people from Alder Hey to Box 4 Kids at Liverpool Football Club. You could feel their excitement and the sense of pleasure to be out of hospital with their parents enjoying an experience that many of them had only ever dreamed of. The whole event was wonderful and great fun and Barrie's hosting made everyone feel extra special."

Moya Sutton, Director of Education and Partnerships, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Did you know?

Since our launch up until 2012 our athletes have collectively won 68 major medals.

Our athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson is significantly better points wise than Jessica Ennis at the same age.

World Champion Dai Greene only took up hurdling in university!

Our Box 4 Kids used to be Fernando Torres’ box.

3 schools in Bath have been inspired to set up fencing sessions since being visited by Freyja Prentice